Thursday, December 27, 2012

General Conference

Have I mentioned how much I love Ian's leaders?  They are some amazing men who put their all into their callings.  I appreciate that very much as a mother.  What great examples for him to follow! 

The Young Men took all the boys who were willing/able to two sessions of General Conference in the Conference Center.  They attended the Saturday Afternoon Session and the Priesthood Session on October 6th.  Ian had a wonderful time.  John was a little sad that Ian wasn't home to go to the Priesthood Session with him, as it was Ian's first time to go since he just turned 12 in August.  Ian had a great time though, and took some notes on the talks he later shared with me.  He kept telling me how awesome it was. :)

McKay Thayn, Kyle Johnson, Greg Johnson, Casey Clark, Brother Alex Urqhart, Ben Brown, Brother Morgan Taylor, Ian, and Brother Eugene Swalberg,

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