Sunday, December 30, 2012

Book of Mormon First Nephi Party

John found a bookmark on Pinterest of Activities/Parties to do with your family when you finish each book in the Book of Mormon. 
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 We decided we would do them the next time we started the Book of Mormon.  We finished reading First Nephi on October 21st, so the next night for Family Home Evening we had our first party.  The book mark says to go to an Archery Range (Nephi's Bow), but living in Green River, that was not an option.  Our next plan of action was to buy kids bows and arrows that they have at the Melon Vine.  But, when I went to get them, they were all out.  Back to Pinterest I went in search of anything Bow and Arrow related.  I found some bows made out of popcicle sticks and the arrows were q-tips.  Perfect! 
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I made them a few days before we were finished because they had to soak so I could bend the wood.  For our party I found some pictures of Deer and Elk that we could hunt, laminated them, and cut them out.  I attached them to easels so they would stand up.  That night we reviewed the story of Nephi's broken bow, then everyone got to decorate their own bows.  We gave the kids some arrows and set up the animals around the room and let the kids shoot them.  They got so excited when they knocked the deer/elk over!  We had a lot of fun!  For our Family Home Evening treat that night we made pretzels in the shapes of bows and arrows. 
The kids loved it! :) Can't wait until we have our next celebration!

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