Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

 On October 8th for Family Home Evening, John's parents took us for our annual pumpkin patch run.  Each year the kids get to pick out their own pumpkin.  They always love hunting for the perfect one.
Lindey was fun to watch and seemed to know just which pumpkin she wanted.  When we asked her if that was the one she wanted, she said, "Yep!"
Grandpa always follows the kids all over the patch so he can cut them off the vine.
Grandpa's only rule is that you have to carry it back to the truck yourself. :)  Ian had no problem hefting his!
Morgan had a slightly more difficult time, but managed. :) (love that smile!)
Zander picked one that was almost too big for him to carry.  I think Ian helped him part way to the truck--thanks, bro!
Micah liked this flatter shorter pumpkin.  It fits him. :)
Ian helped Eli get his pumpkin back to the truck as well.  Eli was pretty picky this year.  He was the last one to choose his pumpkin--he just couldn't make up his mind!
Lindey's pumpkin is about as big as she is!  She is so cute!
The kids and their pumpkins in the truck.  (They thought it was pretty cool that Grandpa let them ride in the back.)
Eli was able to ride home in the back of the truck with the big boys too.  He was so excited!
We made it home with the pumpkins, and the kids got them situated on the front steps.  With all of Zander's little pumpkins (he grew his plant from a seed they planted last year in first grade--his 1 plant produced 27 pumpkins!) our porch looks quite festive! :)  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

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  1. Fall is officially here, I guess... pumpkins galore. :-)
    Thanks for letting me tag along.


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