Monday, September 24, 2012

Jazz Road Tour

Derrick Favors was the Utah Jazz player who came on the tour this year to visit and do a clinic for the kids who participated in Jr. Jazz.  We almost forgot to go!  The kids were getting ready to go swimming, and I happened to look at my calendar.  We had to be at the high school in 5 minutes!  We left their suits on, threw on t-shirts and went to see Derrick Favors.  lol  (We made it swimming afterwards.)
He was a lot of fun to watch, and made it fun for the kids. He was in Green River on August 2nd. Here is the link to the video of the road trip on the Jazz website--Green River makes it in there a few times:
The kids got a t-shirt for going (we got the last three--whew!).
They split up the kids into two groups--an older group and a younger group.  They played Lightening.  Zander and Morgan were together in the younger group, and Ian was put in the older group of kids.
The kids showed off their dribbling skills for Derrick.  They counted them off and put them in rows.  First team finished wins! (Sorry for the blurry shots, the kids were fast and I forgot my nice camera, so I was using my iPod camera.) Morgan in the middle.

Ian in the black against the wall.
And Zander. :)
Ian was in the older group of kids they split.  He did excellent, and out of all the kids playing lightening, he was one of the final four, then three, and then it was just down to him and his cousin TJ. Ian is going into 7th grade and TJ is going into 10th.  I was pretty proud of him holding his own against all the older kids. :)
After that game ended, they played again and Derrick joined in this time.  Again Ian and TJ were the last two playing with Derrick.  Pretty impressed with them both!  Ian eventually got out and TJ was able to hold his own against Derrick for a good 5 minutes.  Derrick told him that he was probally the best he had played against so far on the tour. If you watch the video on the Jazz site, they speed up their game. (Because it took so long for TJ to get out!) :)
It was fun to watch the "swish, swish....swish, swish" as they would both make their shots right after each other.
Derrick was a good sport and answered questions from the kids at the end of the clinic.
After the clinic, Derrick signed the kid's t-shirts, and a card with his picture on it.  It was fun for them to talk to him for a few minutes one-on-one.

We also were able to take pictures with Derrick.  It was fun to see how tall he was next to the kids.

The little boys were getting restless to go swimming, so we quickly did a group shot with all the kids.  I was glad we went.  The kids really enjoyed it!
Thanks for taking the time to come to Green River! 
August 2nd

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