Monday, July 2, 2012


While we were in Salt Lake, on June 21st, John's family had their annual family reunion Lagoon trip.  John had his UPPAC trial, so he wasn't able to join us until almost 8:00pm which meant that I had all the kids all day at Lagoon.  Kind of a scary thought, but it wasn't so bad.  John's family really helped out and it was very much appreciated!  Ian and Morgan were old enough to pal around with Suzy's older kids, which was nice.  I'm sure they were grateful they didn't have to spend the day in kiddie land with me. :)  I saw them periodically throughout the day as they came to check in and or get something to eat/drink.
Rachel, Ian, Wayne, and Suzy ready to ride the Rocket

Eli and Micah on the stage under the big Lagoon

Jason and Ian on the new Air Race ride

Eli, Micah, Lindey and Morgan in a cool spaceship (Micah picked it out)

I think he's loving it!
Zander and Hunter on the Dinosaur Drop

Also loving it

Grandma and her grandbabies

We all decided to go ride the train together.  Micah didn't want to leave kiddie land.  I told him that we would get to see animals like Lions and Tigers on the train ride.  He asked if they were real ones.  I told him yes.  Really real?  He asked.  Yes, Micah, real live, breathing animals.  He was okay with it after that.
On the train ride

Mommy and Lindey

This Black Leopard looked like he wanted to eat us!

Micah looked at the Kangaroos and screamed, "Bunnies!"  Cora told us we need to take a trip to the zoo. LOL

Eli and Micah in the boats.  No fighting this year over who got to ring the bell--yea!
We all rode Rattlesnake Rapids and left Grandma and Grandpa with the sleeping babies.  When we got back, Coralie gave Grandpa a hug and left the imprint of the letters on her shirt on his!  Kind of funny!

The kids and I--Soaking wet after Rattlesnake Rapids.  Cooled us off for the day, and the little boys thought it was awesome!

Cora's family

Tradition when we go to Lagoon is an ice cream cone in Pioneer Village.

The big kids occupied a bench across the street from the adults. :)
Micah's black stallion on the Merry Go Round

Ian was really cute with the little kids this year.  He took Lindey on the Merry go Round and had her ride in front of him. :)

Yea! John finally made it.  Eli had fun on the Dinosaur Drop with him.

One of the little boys favorite rides is the Odysea.  They love seeing if they can get me wet!

Eli and Mom
After Lagoon we took all 6 kids with us back to the Motel.  They were sure tuckered out!

Thanks for the fun day, kids!

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  1. I missed you guys in Lagoon by 1 stinkin week! Dang it! ;)


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