Saturday, July 14, 2012

4th of July

Our 4th of July started with breakfast!  Ian and Morgan wanted to surprise John and I by making breakfast.  They thought we were still gone walking (I was on my treadmill, and John was out back watering the lawn.)  They decided it was best NOT to turn on the stove and wait for us. They eventually found John and together they made red, white, and blue pancakes! (And put them in the shape of a flag.)  It was delicious!  Thanks, kids!

Morgan spent the day or two before the 4th making table decorations for our barbeque.  She did a great job! :) Suzy was here this year with her family, so we had a bit bigger crowd at our house.  It was fun!
These next few were taken out at the gun range while we were waiting for fireworks to start.

Zander was so excited that Grandma hooked them up with Poppers.  These are always a favorite with our kiddos.

Our cute Lindey girl.

Ian with his poppers

When Morgan was asked to smile so I could take her picture, this is what I got:

Okay, that's better. :)
Eli was very intent on listening to John explain how the poppers work.

John's mom had a bunch of fireworks we set off before the city started theirs.

Micah had fun with his poppers. 
This picture turned out pretty cool of Micah and Zander watching the fireworks.

The whole gang watching the show.  We had quite the time.  The kids were very entertained.  Between the poppers, Grandma's fireworks, those around us who brought their own, and the city fireworks, it was fantastic!  We had a great 4th of July!

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