Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day

We had a good Father's Day this year.  During primary, Sister Parson's had the kids fill out a survey about their dad.  This proved for many a laugh as the kids wrote down answers about thier dad.  I think John loved reading them.  I also had the kids do this earlier in the week with a few different questions.  It was fun to watch John read what the kids had written.

We didn't do much in the way of gifts this year.  John didn't seem to mind.  He got M&Ms (many thanks and much love), and a basket of things to go with the "world's greatest Pop" (cinnamon bun pop-corn, blow-pops, tootsie-pops, lemon-lime pop, and pop-tarts).  I also painted Eli and Lindey's handprints to match the other kid's stepping stones in the flower beds. Morgan sewed the word "Dad" for John, and Ian bought him a shirt that said, "Dad--letting the kids get away with more than mom ever would" true. :)
We barbequed steak and chicken for dinner, one of John's favorites!  It was a simple day, but oh so good.  Thanks for being such a great dad!  We had fun celebrating you.  Love you hon!

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