Friday, May 18, 2012

Wedding Bells for my Brother

Last Friday, May 11th, my little brother, Garrett got married.  He married a cute girl named Kaitlyn.  My mom had some of the Relief Society sisters, along with my little brother, Jordan, and his girlfriend, Kayla, watch all our kids at the stake center next door to the temple while we attended the wedding. 

Mom and her baby girl.

The happy couple!

Love this shot John took of Kaitlyn and her dad (her mom probally won't be too thrilled with this one though--sorry! lol)
Our little Lindey had a reaction to her immunizations and woke up with a rash head to toe (in her hair down to the soles of her feet) that looked like the measles the day we were suppose to come.  We took her to the doctor that morning so that we were sure she wasn't contagious.  The rash didn't seem to bother her too much.  She just had a slight fever--but that may have been due to her lingering ear infections.

This is a cute picture of my littlest brother and his girlfriend (Jordan and Kayla).  Our camera was not behaving well this day--we got a lot of blurry shots, or, like this one, the background is in focus! :(
I had my sister, Nichole, take a new picture of John and I.  My hair was really thin the last time we had family pictures taken--a result of being sick last year, so I wanted an updated one now that my hair is growing back. (Thanks, sis!)
All four of my mom's sisters came to the wedding--they were only missing their brother, Clifford. We had to get a picture of them all together. Back: Aunt Patsy, Uncle Larry, Uncle Mark, Aunt Marla, My mom and Dad.  Front: Uncle Randy, Aunt Bonnie, Aunt Roberta, and Uncle Keith.
I think this is a photo that we all have from our weddings.  The bride and groom with all the neices and nephews.  I was the first one to get married on my side and John only had two siblings married, so our neice and nephew shot consisted of 3 neices and 2 nephews.  I love how there are kids going in all directions! lol  Guess that's what happens when you are both at the tail end of the family! :)

Dad and his Lu Lu.

Sibling squeeze!

My siblings and our other halves. L to R: Jordan, Kayla, Justin, Adrienne, John, Allisha, Kaitlyn, Garrett, Ashley (is hiding behind Garrett's head), Nichole, Justin, Cassy, Reed, Jennie, John.

Sister's shot: Allisha, Cassy, Jennie, Adrienne, and Nichole.  (We're even standing in age order.)
Moving to the reception...:) Here is their cake.  Her colors were apple green, black, and white.

This table saved our bacon!  What a smart idea to have a table for the kids.  They got one of the short nursery tables, several little chairs and put mega blocks, coloring books, and crayons on the table for the kids.  It was so nice that they had a place to go to keep them busy, but we could still keep an eye on them.  Our boys were entertained the entire reception!

Morgan and Mari were asked to clear tables after people left.  They got a cute apron and this little dustpan to sweep the crumbs off the table (necessary with the black tablecloths).  They had a great time doing this together.
Garrett and Kaitlyn cut the cake and were nice when they fed each other a piece.
Apparantly some people didn't have their cameras ready and wanted them to do it again...they didn't. lol

Garrett and their getaway Cokes (they had stashed behind the backdrop) giving Micah a squeeze. :) 
All of my siblings went in on a gift to Garrett and Kaitlyn.  We asked them to open it before they left 1. so we could see them, and 2. so they would know who it was from.

Garrett pulled a box cutter out of his pocket.  Aunt Patsy asked him what he was doing with that.  His reply was because he didn't know what his car would look like after the reception. LOL, what??
We got them a Kitchenaid mixer in butter yellow--it matches the roosters in her kitchen (we bought her a bigger rooster that matched the one she already had for her bridal shower).
Garrett's car--hmmmm, I wonder who did that? 

Garrett asked Nichole to take their getaway Cokes out and put them in his car--this was as close as she could get.

I guess Garrett's box cutter came in handy after all! (By they way, in case you were wondering, a roll of saran wrap from the dollar store will go around Garrett's car four times! lol)  I wonder if they found the pregnancy test in the glove box yet....
This is a picture of my mom and dad's house.  We moved here at the end of my fourth grade year.  It has nothing to do with the wedding, but I didn't realize John had taken it until I unloaded the camera when we got home, so I thought I would tack it on to the end of this post. :)  Lots of memories....
Congratulations Garrett and Kaitlyn!  We love you! :)

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