Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother's Day

I had a pretty relaxing mother's day this year.  We went to church and the ward gave all the moms some mint truffles, and in Relief Society they gave each of us a bag of caramel corn to eat during the lesson-yummy!. :)  After church, Lindey helped me open my mother's day gifts. :) 
John gave me some antique doornobs, and I got all four books from H. B. Moore's Out of Jerusalem series. Yea!!  I'm so excited to read them!  John and I are currently reading her Abinadi series and they are excellent! :)

I got handprints and a poem from Zander, Morgan made me a butterfly out of her footprints, and Micah and Ian made me cards. I loved them all! 
We invited John's parents and Melinda over for a Barbequethat evening.  Melinda and I made all the salads the night before so my role in dinner was relatively easy.  Just had to take everything outside, and John cooked! :)  It was delicious! 
Thanks, family for a relaxing day!

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