Friday, May 18, 2012

Preschool Graduation

Yesterday (May 17th) we held preschool graduation at the park.  There were five of us who rotated houses and took turns teaching our kids.  Jenni was in charge of making the "diplomas" for graduation.  She found a way cute idea of stamping the kids hands and filling out information about themselves. 

Christina made caps for the kids.  Micah was a little shy at first and didn't want his hat on in front of everyone, but we talked him into it ad he let me take a picture.  That was interesting--I've never really seen him be shy before, especially around his friends.
Our five graduates. L to R: Katelin, Peter, Samantha, Micah, and Elise.
After everyone got their caps and diplomas, Melissa had a little gift for them to help them get ready for Kindergarten.  They were all very excited.  Then, Kristi and I were in charge of refreshments.  Kristi did crackers and cheese cubes, and I did sherbet and sprite.  It was a hit.  Fast, simple, and memorable. :) 

Their gift bags included: Notebook, bubbles, pencil, colored pencils, and watercolors.  Micah was so excited!
Thanks ladies for doing preschool this year with Micah.  He thouroghly enjoyed it, and I can see all the progress he's made.  Kindergarten, here we come!!


  1. So much fun!
    Hard to believe Micah and the rest are that old!

  2. That really did turn out so fun, perfect. I loved it all. Great idea to take a pic of all the fun prized in the bag Melissa did. I may have to copy that one of of here. :) You're great and THANK YOU as well, Katelin always had fun learning with you.


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