Friday, May 18, 2012


Our wedding anniversary was the 15th.  We didn't have anything planned as I had piano lessons for a couple of hours after school, and then we had Ian's Little League game that started at 5pm. Melinda joined us at the park to watch the game, and then offered to watch the kids for us so we could at least go out for ice cream or something. (Thanks Ms. D!)  We got the kids settled with her at home and then made our escape.  We decided to go to the overlook where we got engaged.  We were visiting a little and enjoying the view when John noticed that there was a quarter lying in the dirt.  He picked it up, handed it to me and said, "Happy anniversary! I got this just for you."  I knew he was just being funny, but upon closer inspection I noticed that this quarter was made the year we were married, 1999.  What are the odds of that happening?  We couldn't believe it. 
After we had our ice cream, we went home to put the kids to bed.  Morgan had helped the little kids make a card.  She's always so thoughtful.

Ian and Zander had stayed down at the park to watch their cousin play ball, so they got home shortly after we did.  They were being sneaky, as they quickly made us a card as well.  Before they gave us their card, we got a little rendition of "Happy Anniversary" sang to us. :) 

They are such cute kids.
I love Ian's drawing of "a happy awesome family...mine" :)  That made me smile.

John and I started the tradition of going to the dollar store for our anniversary gifts back when we were just starting out and barely making ends meet.  We give each other $5-$10 and we have to get things that express our love to each other.  This is what John got me this year:
He told me that "I am the glue that holds our family together" (craft glue), "I make life an adventure" (safari hat), "You still make my heart flutter" (butterfly), etc.  You get the idea. :)  I love it.  It makes us think, and it's something I always look forward to doing.  I think last year was the only year we haven't done this (we went to see the Dr. instead and found out I had an infection that was the begining of a whole other adventure...and the reason that  I got him a cake saver this year to remind us to "saver" every moment we have together because you just never know!)
John told me I cheated because I made him this canvas.  I love this quote--it says exactly what I feel. 
I'm so thankful for you, John!  Thanks for being my best friend all these years.  I love you! 

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