Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Break

Disclaimer: Prepare for Picture Overload! There, you've been warned. :)
Spring break (April 5-9) began with the Easter Bunny visiting the Chow Hound Wednesday after school.  The 3 little boys sat with the Easter Bunny first.

Then the 3 girls. :)  Talynn joined Morgan and Lindey.
Ian was a good sport and sat by the Easter Bunny.  They were giving each other bunny ears. lol
Thursday we went with John's parents and Coralie's family out to a new little geyser.  John's parents discovered it when they were out exploring one day. This is the tiny little hole that the geyser shoots out of.
You can see better in this picture how big the hole actually is.  Micah and Eli are pointing at it.

There were several old cars out there.  The kids had a lot of fun playing and climbing on them. From L to R: Eli, Hunter, Brooklyn, Britney, Micah, Morgan, Ian, and Zander.
Morgan found what looked like an old oil can, or some such something that went with the old cars.

Cute little Eli. :)



Love this smile. :)

Zander telling me he was number one because he came in first place while racing the car.
It never worked out this year for grandma to do her big Easter egg hunt.  Not everyone could come at the same time, so we had our egg hunt out here.  All the kids lined up and ready to go.
LtoR: Ian, Hunter, Zander, Grandma, Brooklyn, Micah, Morgan, Eli, Britney, McKenzie, and Clint
And they are off!

Each kid had to find 11 eggs.  Because Lindey was sleeping at this time, Eli was more than happy to collect her eggs...and then some. :) 

Micah and his loot

Sleeping Beauty
After the egg hunt, John and I were sitting and visiting.  He pointed out something up on the hill so we decided to go check it out.  When we got around the barbed wire fence and up the hill this is what we found.  We think it was some sort of well.
It is round inside.

It is starting to cave in around the edges, so we didn't want to get on it too much, or let the kids near it.  They are too brave for their own good!

Lindey woke up shortly after that, so we went walking back over to the geyser.
I noticed that the hole was covered in water where it wasn't before, so it gave us hope that maybe we would get to see it go off.

If you couldn't tell, it was just a little windy.

Zander found a little rock that looked like a boomerang.
We started getting excited to watch the geyser when we saw bubbles!
Uncle Clint started putting his hand in the water of the geyser, so of course the boys had to try it too.

It wasn't a very big geyser, but it was entertaining to watch.

We went back to Grandma and Grandpa's house to finish up the Easter fun.  They had baskets filled for all the kids. :)

Checking out the loot...

Lindey was excited to show me each thing in her basket--one at a time.

Eli went for the quick dump and bucket on his head to get it out of the way. lol

Micah was so excited to see a Spongebob marshmallow in his basket of goodies.

Ian told me this peep was crying because all the Easter activities were over and it didn't want to be eaten.
Saturday started bright and early as we headed to American Fork for our bi-yearly dentist appointments.  These were our first ones since swearing off the dentist here in town (after Micah's incident).  I was pretty nervous to see what the kid's teeth were going to be like and how much it was going to cost us.  We all got a clean bill of health (except for John who had cavities). Yea!  They were able to fix John's teeth on the spot and off we went.  The dentist told Ian he needed to floss (and John too) and to write a note on the bathroom mirror to remind himself.  He did as soon as we got home. :) (I love his little note off to the side to remind John).
Ian was not with us the last time we went to Pizza Pie Cafe, and since Mr. Z hooked us up with some "kid's eat free" coupons, we ate there.  Ian loved it!

We called Mr. Z and invited him to join us since he lives right there. :) As I look at this picture I can just hear him singing, "Eli, Eli, he sells socks...."

Lindey was in love with the pasta and the cheese sticks.

It was a fantastic spring break and we were sad to see it come to an end.  Just a glimpse of what the carefree summer days will be like!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun over Spring Break! I totally need to explore the "new" geyser and surrounding "treasures."

    So glad that the dentist visit turned out well! (And that you got to spend a little extra time with Mr. Z.)

    What a great update! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Garrett replied to my e-mail:

    I think you need more pictures!!! LOL just kidding sister ;)


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