Friday, April 20, 2012

The Easter Bunny missed our house!

Yes, you read that right.  We woke up Easter morning, and got John off to his church meetings, and then the kids woke up.  I think Morgan was the first to say, "Mom, the Easter bunny didn't come last night." 
OOOPS! ***Cringe 
With our very early morning dentist trip the day before, we were so tired that we didn't even think about Easter.  The kids hadn't set out their baskets or anything.  Zander said that maybe it was because that they had been bad kids. (Awarding of the Most horrible Mom in the world badge here.) I had to explain that the Easter bunny isn't like Santa Clause and does not have a naughty list.  Then the kids were wondering if he didn't come because they forgot to put out their baskets. They decided to put them out right then and hope that the Easter bunny would come either during church or that night.  I was feeling horrible by this time and couldn't believe that we forgot!  I told the kids that we needed to eat breakfast and get ready for church, trying to distract them. 
We made it to church, and after the sacrament when John sat down next to me I leaned over and whispered what had taken place that morning.  We decided that the Easter bunny needed to come during church--probally during Sunday school.
I hurried home after sacrament meeting and played Easter bunny.  We don't ever do much--a few fun toys and some candy, but the kids love it.  I had bought some glow sticks to do a glow in the dark easter egg hunt (thanks pinterest), and that became the Easter bunny's redeeming factor.  The Easter bunny left a note explaining why he missed us...
By the time he realized he had missed our house, it was too late to come--the kids were stirring and would have woken up.  He knew they would be at church because they were good kids so he could come then without being discovered.  He helped himself to some carrots in the fridge and some of the cookies that Ian baked the night before.  Because he missed us he left a glow in the dark easter egg hunt that Mom and Dad could help them with.  I covered a tin with Easter paper and opened the glow sticks and put them in it. Then they went in a basket with empty easter eggs.  The Easter Bunny signed his note and all was right again with the world.
The kids were super excited to discover their treasures when we arrived home from church.

Morgan has been asking for her own chick for few weeks.  She was a happy girl to discover this one in her basket that chirps.

Lindey wasn't sure what to think about all this.  It is her first easter--she almost made it last year--I went into labor Easter Sunday with her. :)

Zander asked the Easter bunny if he was real and had a "yes" or "no" box. :) He was so excited that the yes box was marked!

Eli got a little puzzle track and a bunny car that drives on it once it is put together.  So cute!

Micah loves tic tac toe, so this was perfect for him!
That evening, thanks to the Easter bunny missing our house, we did a glow in the dark egg hunt.  There were no prizes, or treats inside, just the pure fun of finding the eggs.  I think this is going to become a tradition.  You have to look close to see the eggs in the first one.

Now they are glowing! :)

I'm so glad the Easter Bunny was able to redeem himself in the eyes of my children.  This will be a memorable Easter! :) lol

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