Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Boxes 2012 Edition

We spent this evening making the annual Valentine boxes for the older children.  Zander didn't have to do one--they will make theirs in class.  Morgan wanted to make a Paper Jamz Microphone and Amp like she got for her birthday.  She didn't require much help and was content to be creative all on her own. :)

Ian, on the other hand, comes up with these crazy ideas and has to have me hold his hand the entire way through the process. :)  I don't really mind.  It gives us quality time together, right?  Trying to figure out how we're going to pull off what he has in his head is the tricky part.  This year he decided to do the solar system.
Since we didn't have any styrofoam balls laying around the house, Ian remembered making christmas ornaments from strips of paper a couple years ago, so that is how we made the planets.  Ian wanted them to hang--of course he did.:)  So we devised this little set up with a shoe box, wrapping paper tube and a cardboard circle.  He even made the Death Star (in between Jupiter and Saturn) since John's theme in the classroom this year is Star Wars. Lol--creative! :)  We added a couple of fun touches like the red heart for Jupitor's red eye, and some green paint on Earth for the continents, and Ian drew stars with a white crayon on the black background, a rocketship and a man falling through space. lol  It turned out really good! 
My, what creative kids we have!

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