Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hunter's Safety

Here's a little shout out to our amazing son!  Ian spent this week attending a Hunter's Safety course, Monday through Friday from 7-10pm.  He took his written test Friday night and passed. Yea!!  He was pretty nervous for his shooting test on Saturday morning.  He asked his dad to give him a blessing. :)  Ian had to shoot 15 of 30 targets to pass. 
John had called me before the final  shooting round and said that Ian had to get more than half the shots left to pass his test.  Kind of scary!  A little bit later, Ian called me after he had finished his shooting test and said, "Hi mom..." He sounded pretty dejected on the phone which made my heart sink.  I said, "You don't sound too excited--are you okay?"  The he yelled, "I got 17 out of 30!!! I passed!!"  Little stinker totally syched me out! LOL
Ian, we are so proud of you and all the effort you put into doing so well! Congratulations! :)
Also,a HUGE thanks needs to go out to Grandpa Hughes for taking Ian out to practice shooting several times this week and helping him put together a survival kit.  We so apprecitate it!
As I was taking Ian's picture with his hunter's safety certificate, Eli came and stood by Ian with his paper he was drawing on. :)  Apparantly he felt like he needed in on the action. What a cute little kid!

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