Friday, December 9, 2011

Hotel Stay

With John on the UPPAC Comission, it comes with the perk of a hotel stay.  Our kids love this!  Micah gets so excited!  John's meeting this month was the morning of November 8th, so we went up the night before.  John took a couple pictures of the kids to prove that we were there. :)

We stay at the Red Lion in Salt Lake City.  They have little walk-out balconies that Eli loves.  He was scared to death the first time we stayed here and wouldn't do much more than poke his head out the sliding glass door.  By the end of that stay he was taking all our shoes and other items outside and lining them up on the balcony.  This month he was eating an Oreo cookie, and was licking the frosting off one side and had the other in his hand.  He accidentally dropped it off the balcony and was so sad that his cookie fell.  We were on the 11th floor, and could hardley make it out way down there.  He wanted us to go get it. Lol 
See, I was there too!

Our view from the balcony. :)
Looking forward to many more hotel stays with you boys! :)

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