Saturday, November 19, 2011

Candy Cannon

One of our friends, Troy Pettit, built a candy cannon to use in the Melon Days parade.  Of course, he had to give it a test run beforehand, so he invited our family to go and try it out with thier family.  We went out to the airport where he works, and set up.
The kids waiting anxiously to have the candy launched their way.
We dumped all the candy into this huge barrel to mix it up.  I think Troy had 250 lbs. of candy to launch.  It was a lot!
Then he rolled the barrel around to mix the candy together.
A few capfuls of candy into the barrel of the cannon, and it was ready to launch!
The kids had a great time gathering up the candy, bringing it back to be launched again, and then they got to keep whatever they picked up.  They thought it was great! :)  Thanks for the invite, Pettit family!

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