Monday, October 17, 2011

Eli is 2!

For Eli's birthday this year we made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.  He was in heaven!
These are a few of his two year old pictures I took.  I probally never would have given him a fauxhawk, but Michaela did this style on him all the time while I was in the hospital.  He was so cute with it (or so I've been told) that he didn't want anyone touching his hair once it was done. 

I kept telling him to smile to which he would just look at me, shrug his shoulders and say, "I did!" (I'm sure he was thinking, "you crazy lady, how many pictures of me smiling do you need?!")
Grandma Hughes stopped by that morning with donuts for his birthday--I think he enjoyed it, what do you think?
Grandma and Grandpa Hughes also brought him some new sand for his sandbox.  He sat down and started playing immediately.  What a great idea!  It was a big hit with him.
When I asked him what he wanted for his cake this year he said, "Blue!"  So, I went looking and found this cute shark cake.  (It's grayish-blue and the water is blue so I figured it would work. lol)
John kept "roaring" and scaring him with it.  He had Eli belly-laughing.
Grandma and Grandpa Hughes also brought him a lawnmower.
Aunt Shlisa brought him some hot wheels cars (to go along with our gift).
He got a wagon with big lego blocks inside.
This was the perfect gift for Eli.  When we saw it online, we knew he had to have it.  It's a Radio Flyer car with a hill track to ride down.  It all comes apart and fits into the base so that it is easy to store (also a plus).  The little tracks indented into the hill are for hot wheels cars to race down.  He had a great time with this and LOVES it!  It holds up to 50 pounds so even Micah and Zander can ride on it for a bit longer. Much to Eli's protests. :) 
He was a little aprehensive at first, but it sure didn't take him long to try going down it sitting backwards, sideways, and any other ways he could think of.  Crazy kid!

I just had to include this picture that Mr. Z took of Eli.  I love it!
Happy 2nd birthday Eli!  We love your spunky, happy-go-lucky attitude.  You make us smile every day! :)


  1. What a charmer little Eli is! He certainly enjoyed his birthday from beginning to end. :-) The cake was brilliant! :-) The car/track was awesome! Amazing how quickly he mastered it. And you are right - that picture by Mr. Z is great. He captured Eli's mischievousness and sense of humor in that shot. You can just see the gears turning..."What'll I do next??" (lol) Loved the post. :-)

  2. He looks grown up with his fauxhawk! It took seeing the pictures of him next to John to realize, okay he is still little, lol. He is so stinkin cute though!! Happy Birthday little man!


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