Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's Been a While...

I just realized that many of you may not read my husband's blog and may be wondering why I've slipped off the radar.

Our beautiful baby girl decided to come two weeks early to join our family.  After a very long labor we ended up with a C-Section.  Lindey was healty, so we were happy.  We took our little bundle home after 5 days in the hospital and began recovery.

The next Friday we ventured to Salt Lake for John's graduation from the Master's program. 

After we returned home from that I started progressively getting sicker.  After many phone calls to the doctor and a visit to him for some bloodwork, he determined that I had an infection in my Uterus from the C-Section.  I was put on more medications and sent home.

I never quite seemed to be getting better.  We kept calling the doctor who told me to give it time.  After another week, still not feeling any better, repeated phone calls to the doctor who never seemed to be listening to me, and growing so weak that I couldn't even hold onto my 7 lb. baby, I let a friend take me to the clinic in town.  He did a full work up on me and we took a little ambulance ride to the ER in Price.  They ran several tests/scans/etc. and determined that my infection was much much worse than we had originally thought.  So, we took another ambulance ride to Provo to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.  I've been through 5 surgeries, a full hysterectomy, and I think John said today is our 16th day here. 

I've not been able to see the children (except through windows) as they are not allowed in the ICU.  My Bro and Sis-in-Law have the baby and our other children are in Vernal with my parents this week.  That's been pretty hard.

We appreciate all the love and prayers that have come our way the last few weeks.  They've been needed.

 If you are in the Provo area and want to stop in for a visit, please feel free! This hospital bed is starting to feel pretty confining.  I would love to see you!

You can check my progress on John's blog--he's being a pretty good journalist for me right now.  It's on my sidebar--An Educator's Life.


  1. I was surprised to see a post from you on here. Even though it's not about fun stuff, it's wonderful to read something from you! You are missed. :)

  2. Howdy Mrs. H,

    It’s a pleasure to finally meet you!

    Yes, it’s true; your husband has kept all of us very well informed of your condition. Despite your many ups and downs over the past 16 days, I believe you’re on the road to recovery. It’s tough not being able to see your children, most especially the newborn. But know that all of them are well looked after.

    I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery.

    Diplo_Daddy—London, UK (soon moving to Kuwait)

  3. It was fun to meet you the other day...even though you had to be a 'captive audience' for a while there.

  4. So glad you are getting better. Was scared for you... Keep on the mend.



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