Thursday, September 8, 2016

Wizard of Oz

The Community Theater put on The Wizard of Oz this year.  John and the kids decided to try out for it.  The kids got parts as munchkins, and John was cast as the Tin Man.  
Ian was cast as a farm boy, and a Munchkin father.  He had a few lines, which made him nervous. Lol He did great! Carol Stilson (John's secretary at school) played Aunt Em.

Ian and his friend Gavin as Munchkin fathers.

Zander got to play one of the Lollipop Guild.  He loved it!
John amazed many in the audience as he had to hold still like this through almost an entire scene.  He had so much fun playing the Tin Man!
Morgan got to be a tree and move the bridge in this scene with the scarecrow and Dorothy.  In addition, she was an Ozian when the main characters made it to the Emerald City.
Morgan's tree costume was so fun to make!  I saw this fairy sprite Halloween costume on Pinterest.  I knew it would work great, and it did--I die cut the leaves out of felt and cut the shirt into strips.  We may have to keep it for future use!
The stage crew manager and John would play jokes on each other.  Okay, just Angela did to John.  She is a huge BYU fan, and John graduated for U of U, so this little rivalry was born.  Angela did all sorts of things!  From wrapping his ax handle in BYU duct tape to putting a "Y" on the log so John would have to stare at it through this whole scene.  It was quite funny to see what she would do next.

Ian was also a Jitterbug.  I had to make his costume as well.  Bug arms and make cheesecloth look old. Pretty easy to do!

Man, Ian was all over in this play.  He also played a part in the Ozian Army.  It was fun to see him in so many roles!

Morgan as an Ozian.  Her friends Mallory and McKenna also were in the play.
We had to laugh every time the Wizard costume came out.  It started as a sheet over an umbrella and ended with a Mine-craft head and a cowboy hat.  It was big and did the job, but wasn't very scary. More funny than anything. 
John, Jake (Lion) and Sterling (Scarecrow) had so much fun together.  They laughed so much the director worried they weren't going to have the play ready in time.  The Theater Board did a great job in casting everyone where they did.  It was perfect!
I was asked to help out with music and became part of the "Forkestra".  There were four of us--two pianists, a violin and a flute.  The music was crazy hard--and I only played the treble cleff! We had so much fun! I don't think I've laughed so much in all my life.
Aspen Bloomer was Dorothy.  She was fantastic! John really enjoyed working with her.

John's brother-in-law, Wayne was cast as the Wizard.
The Rocket Car (instead of a hot air balloon like in the movie).

Natalie came up with the term "Forkestra"--because we aren't a quartet (only 3 instruments), there are Four of us, and we make up the orchestra.  She even made us a fun Fork and Music banner for the pit.
Our friends, Greg and Heather came all the way from Green River to watch the play.  So good to see them!

It was so many hours, and a lot of work learning music and memorizing lines, but it was also so, so fun!  
March 19-2015

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