Sunday, March 20, 2016

Science Fair Projects

We had to do two science projects for the science fair this year. Zander decided to do one on paper airplanes.  He was trying to decide if the size of paper determined how far the airplane would fly.

He folded all his airplanes the same way, using a different size of paper for each one.

Zander decided to put a board on the ground to ensure that he was throwing from the same spot each time.  We then measured from the edge of the board to where the airplane went.
This was a lot of fun for Zander to do, and he found out that the smallest airplane flew the best.
Morgan decided to do her project with egg shells.  She took egg shells and reinforced the broken edge with masking tape.  She then used the pointed side of the egg for one experiment and the rounded side for another to see which would hold the most weight.  Each experiment used 4 halves of eggshell.

Then the fun began!  Morgan started stacking books and checking the egg shells after each one was added to determine when they started cracking.

She had quite the stacks of books going before they toppled over when the shells broke.

I think the final tally was 26 or 27 books.  I think it was the pointed shells that held the most books/weight.  It was also a fun project and she had a great time doing it!  
January 28th, 2015

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