Sunday, March 20, 2016

First, Second, and Third Grade Spell-Off!

This year the lower grade teachers (1st-3rd) decided to have their own spelling bee since they don't participate in the district spelling bee.
Each teacher had their own classroom spelling bee and then the top 3 from each class went on to the lower grade Spell-off.  Micah was one of the top 3 for 2nd grade. 
As Principal, John was one of the judges for the spell-off.
Micah was nervous, but he did so well!

These 3 girls were the last 3 left--two first graders and a third grader.  Lauren Mills (in the center) won the spell off.

All the kids did so well!  Congratulations for making it!
Micah and his second grade buddies: L to  R- Mr. Hughes, Aiden Rowley, Micah Hughes, and Caleb Olsen.
February 6, 2015

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