Sunday, September 27, 2015

Forgotten Carols and Temple Square

It's become a tradition that the 3 of us go and see The Forgotten Carols.  We went to see them in Orem this year at UVU on December 5, 2014.  
This year we decided to bring the kids along with us.

I love this man. :)  
John surprised Morgan by getting her a bracelet with all the ornaments on it.  She was so excited!
As we were watching the show, I spotted a familiar face!  My friend, Sarah McSweeney from High School! I was the same age as her older sister, but we were in Band together.
She sat right behind the piano. :)  
After the show, Jeff McLean, Michael's son, sang Michael's carol.  He has a pretty amazing voice.
The next day (December 6) we took the kids to Temple Square.  John and I can't remember the last time we went.  I'm sure it was when Ian, Morgan and Zander were little, so about 10 years ago.
Oh, there's Micah! The little stinker was hiding behind Zander. :)
The lights were beautiful, as always!
Ian had to go to the bathroom, so we waited outside the visitors center for him.
Glad he had  gone in or we never would have seen the mini replica of the Salt Lake temple that was inside.  He came out and told us we had to go see it.  It was so cool!  The kids were able to see what every room in the temple looks like.  I even learned a few things.

The detail was amazing!

Very cool to see!

We were amazed to see the pansies still blooming! That was crazy.  I was glad it was not that cold.  We got away with just wearing our jackets.
The life sized Nativity was also cool.  We stayed to watch it once through.
One of the boys commented on how still the people were standing. Lol Had to inform him they were just statues.

The temple gates were open so we were able to go walk around the temple.  They were all so excited to be able to get so close to the temple.  We took a few snapshots of the kids on the stairs and in the alcoves.

We ended up eating dinner at City Creek Center.  On our way into the mall we saw this dress in the window display.  It looked to be made of a ton of ribbon loops.  It was so crazy and so not my style!  

We had a wonderful time and were so glad we made the trip!

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