Sunday, July 19, 2015

Principal Hughes

The first day of school the principal of Cottonwood Elementary resigned.  The fifth grade teacher was appointed as the lead teacher.  By September, the District decided they needed something a little more permanent.  Since he was the only one in the building with his Administrator Licenture, they asked John to be acting Principal for the remainder of the year.  He would teach half day and be principal in the afternoon.  He accepted.  We were not planning on this little twist in our journey!  
September 23rd was his first day officially as Principal.
He's not real excited to have to wear a shirt and tie every day (especially since we just bought him a bunch of new shirts for school that he can no longer wear!).
If John decides that he wants the job full-time next year, he will have to apply with everyone else.  Kind of a bum deal, but he is excited that he can give the job a "test drive" to see if he really wants to take over the reigns next year. When else will this be an option?? Never in this field. :) Happy new adventure!! 

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