Sunday, July 19, 2015

My New Scrapbook Room--MEEP!

Moving into our new home, one of my requirements was a space big enough for all my crafting supplies.  My old scrapbook room was much bigger, and all my hodge podge of furniture would not fit in the new space.  Trying to figure that out what would work was very frustrating!  John decided to  suprise me with custom cupboards!  Well, we didn't have them built, but bought pre-mades from Sutherlands--and they were even on sale! SCORE!  In doing so, Megan, a cabinet employee at Sutherlands, plugged our dimensions into her computer, and helped us find out what exactly we needed to purchase that would work for me.  It was fun!  We had the plans drawn up on August 12th. Here are our plans...and I couldn't get the pictures to rotate, so turn your head!
and now the other way...
I decided on the unfinished cabinets since I wasn't fond of any of the pre-painted ones they had in the store. I had to paint them myself and was excited for the project. We bought a cabinet kit when we purchased the cabinets, and off I went! 
It took quite a while to get all the cabinets painted as it was a several layer process, but I finished painting them on August 22nd.
I loved seeing how the counter top I picked out looked with the finish of the cabinets.  It looks so good!  Getting the counter top hooked together and turned the right direction inside the little room was quite a feat.  We had to bring the counter top in through the window!

John and his brother-in-law, Wayne, got the cupboards and  counter top installed on August 23rd.
This tall pantry cupboard was suppose to be at the end of the cupboards by the closet.  When moving around the cupboards as I was painting them, we found that it fit right underneath the ductwork by the door.  It almost looks like it was made to go there.  We decided to change the configuration of the cabinets a little bit and leave it there. I am so happy we did!  This cupboard would have blocked part of the closet and made getting into that side difficult.  It was a happy discovery. :)
This is my room with the install complete.  We put in a dark laminate flooring and it all looks so good together. Yea!!  So happy with how it turned out!  Just a couple of things left to finish.  I have to paint the kick plates for the bottom of the cupboards and we need to get a skin for the side of the cabinet where the pantry was suppose to go. It also needs to be painted. At least now I can begin to unpack boxes and find a place for all my craft supplies.  

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