Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mr. Z's Birthday

September 9, 2014.
We couldn't let Mr. Z's birthday pass without honoring him in some way.  Since he always celebrated his own birthday with "Christmas in September" we put up a little tree for him.
This year we did something a little bit different.  I went through all our pictures and printed out some of our favorites.  We then wrote down memories we had from the pictures and sent them to Jason's family to enjoy.

The kids made a sign and hung it by the tree. "Happy Birthday, Mr. Z! We miss you!"

John wore his Mr. Z shirt.  There is a story on Jason's blog (click the link to read it) that explains the t-shirt.  It's pretty funny!  It will make so much more sense if you do.
The kids wrote some great letters to his family.  The don't really understand what happened, and they miss his silliness and fun.
We hope Mr. Z celebrated in heaven, and even more that his family enjoyed our thoughts and pictures.  Miss you, Jason!

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  1. This is really sweet. What a big-hearted family you are!


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