Sunday, July 19, 2015

Joe's Valley

We decided to go exploring our new surroundings and took a drive up the canyon to Joe's Valley.
We stopped at an overlook and let the kids explore.
Then we took a walk down to the reservoir and let the kids throw rocks in.
Hi Daddy and Lindey!

Zander found a piece of fishing line and a bauble and decided to go fishing.

Ian was sure he could get this big rock to skip--it was flat after all!

Eli spent his time batting rocks into the water.  He was pretty crazy!  We had to dodge a few times. Lol
After we drove back down the mountain we took the kids to Maverik for a treat and to play at the park by the Stake Center in Castle Dale.

I sure love my kids! Thanks for the fun evening family!
September 13, 2104

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