Sunday, July 12, 2015

Ian's Birthday

We celebrated Ian's birthday in Green River.  That was his one wish, was to go back and spend it with his friend.  The Robertson's graciously hosted the party at their house.  Man, we love those guys!
Ian wanted a red velvet cake, so we had to make it a University of Utah cake.  
Ian and Kollin are Ute fans. Go Utes!

Kristin decorated their back porch for the party.  See?? She is totally awesome!!
We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs...well, Scott and Kristin did. :)

The gift table.
We went inside to open up the gifts.  It was getting pretty windy out there!
Ian was excited to get to wear the t-shirts he picked out a few weeks before.
He's been wanting a Utah University hat for a while.  He was pretty excited!
We got him a couple of new Disney Infinity characters for his game.
Cards from Grandma(s).
Something tells me he was the most excited about Kollin's gift to him.  New basketball shorts, a bag and a flashlight. :)
Our sad little cake after it was accidentally dropped.  Luckily, it was mostly the edges that were ruined and we were able to salvage it.

Making a wish...
...and blowing out the candles.
Sure do love you buddy.  Hope you had a great birthday!  I'm glad you have picked such great friends who are willing to go above and beyond to spoil you rotten!  
Ian's 14th birthday, August 15, 2014.

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