Monday, April 6, 2015

Little League, a Girl and her Kite, and faces of Eli

While we watch Little League, the kids will play...Lindey brought her kite to the park to try out.  She was super excited about it!

Ian was so good to help her get it all set up and help her to fly it.
Lindey and Eli both had fun chasing the tail as Ian was flying the kite.

She caught it!

Morgan's friend, Jocelyn showed her how to make a flower chain.  They spent a long time making them!

Of, course, there was baseball to watch.  Zander is getting so much better.  His goal during the games is to just get a hit and make it on base.  He is doing well!

Gotta love being in the outfield!
I got a new camera for my birthday and decided to try out some of the settings on it.  Eli was more than happy to be my subject.  He made some of the funniest faces!  We were laughing quite hard by the time I was through.

Micah got in on the picture taking action.


This is one of my favorites. :)  How I love this little face.

This face totally cracks me up.
How's that for a close up? Whoa, Micah!

Wahooo!!!!  He's on second base!

And he made it to third!

I love evenings at the ball park!
June 23, 2014

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