Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Scout Camp

Ian went to Scout camp this year at Camp Tifie with his troop.  We were lucky enough to get pictures this year!  Yea! It is kind of fun to see all of his adventures and hear his memories of everything that happened.  The morning of June 16th, Ian and his troop met at the church to begin their week of camping.  There were four 11 year old scouts that were able to go this year, and their Dads all had to go with them, so there was plenty of Leadership there!
Ethan Johnson, Kaleb Simmons, Ian, Cord Pfander, and Kollin Robertson

Playing baseball

I was excited to see these pictures of Ian doing his Horsemanship Merit Badge.  He said it was a blast! (and kind of scary at first)

These four boys (Tyson Giles, Kollin Robertson, Sam Corrigan, and Ian) signed up to do their Wilderness Survival badge.  They were excited to take matters into their own hands and spend the night away from everyone else using the skills they learned.

This is Ian the next morning. Ha ha ha!

The boys loved having their meals cooked by the cafeteria.  We heard a lot about "8 bowls of cereal" being consumed for breakfast, plus whatever else was cooked.  The boys (and leaders) said they would do this every time.  It made things so easy!

Uncle Tom was one of the chaperones (Rad is an 11 year old scout). 

Team work!  Getting from one place to another.

Ian throwing the hatchet.

Learning to start a fire.

The boys were estatic when it started snowing.  Do you know what they did??
Went swimming in the heated pool of course!

They thought this was the coolest thing ever! (And Ian couldn't believe the leaders actually let them do it!)

That was quite to storm!
Uncle Tom and Rad

The boys got out of the pool and had hot chocolate. Lol

Ian doing his Leatherworking merit badge.

Ian had a great time at scout camp.  So glad we got pictures!  Thanks Scoutmaster Burke Simmons!
June 16-21, 2014

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