Tuesday, February 10, 2015

John's New Classroom

June 5th was moving day for John's classroom from Green River to Orangeville.   We got an early start and came over.
After it was all unloaded, it was pretty overwhelming! We left things there for the day and then came back on the 9th to start finding places for all of it.

We spent a lot of time trying to decided where things would go and what would work best for the set up of John's classroom.  There are bookcases and radiators that are built in that were making it difficult.  John was worried he couldn't/wouldn't fit it all in.  He had his Green River classroom right where he wanted it.  We moved it around several times over the 9 years we lived there and a few years ago finally found the Zen he was looking for. Hopefully it won't take him 7 years to find Zen here in his Orangeville classroom. :) 

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