Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Crystal Geyser

For Family Home Evening on April 21, 2014, we took a picnic out to Crystal Geyser.  Melinda and Mom and Dad Hughes came with us.  This little lizard was spotted by the kids.  It hung around the cars for a little while before running off!
We enjoyed sitting around, visiting, hiking, and watching the kids play.

Lindey by the geyser opening.  They geyser doesn't go off like it used to.  When we were in college, John and I came out with some friends and watched it shoot hundreds of feet in the air for nearly 45 minutes before we got bored and left.  Now it only bubbles occasionally and shoots 30-50 feet in the air.  Kind of sad!

Eli wanted to hike around like all of the big kids.  It made us nervous!  We told him to stick close and climb where we could see him.  He was having a ball!

The geyser is attempting to go off for us.

John and Lindey relaxing.

John and I took a few "selfies" as we were watching the kids throw rocks in the river.  I love this man. :)

     My older brother, Dustin, passed away in a car accident a little more than four years ago, leaving behind his wife and four young children.  His wife, Ashley, has struggled with the loss and has decided to cut all ties to our family with the exception of my parents.  Earlier in the month, my nephew, was baptized by my father.  The rest of our family was not invited to attend.  My mother was telling me about the baptism afterwards and told me that it was very awkward being the only part of our family in attendance.  Ashley's sister gave my mom a hug and whispered in her ear, "This is not right.  Your family should be here.  I'm so sorry."  This made me angry.  It wasn't fair. We should have been invited.  I couldn't stop thinking about this over the next several days.  I would go back and forth between being hurt, angry, and sad.  I wished I knew what Dustin thought about the situation. I decided to begin praying for Ashley that her heart would soften towards our family, or at the very least, just let her know that we love her. 
            I began to ponder this again while we were at the geyser.  Morgan came over and handed me a heart shaped rock, gave me a hug, and said, "I love you!" before running off.  I looked at that little yellow, bumpy, sulfur-covered rock and when I turned it over I saw a little frowny face on it.  As I looked at that rock, a voice in my head told me that Dustin knows.  He knows, and he's sorry.  That thought brought me so much peace.  I no longer needed to be angry, or even worry about it.  If Dustin knows, then of course, Heavenly Father also knows the situation.  He knows what is best right now.  I may not like it, but I can be okay with that answer. So glad that when our hearts are in the right place that we can get an answer to our prayers.  Even if it's in the form of a bumpy little rock!
Eli was so enthralled with the geyser.  He stood and looked at it for quite a while.

Captured a pic of Ms. Durrant doing what she loves. (She's getting quite good at it too!) I'm so thankful she shares so many images with us. :) Especially of the kiddos!

Little Lu throwing rocks in the water.

So happy to be outside in the warm spring weather!

Morgan is so good to watch the kids and play with them.  She is becoming quite a good babysitter!

Love this pic of Zander. One of the few he held still for on this trip! That boy is adventurous!
Morgan across the way.

Sometimes we don't like watching the boys hike around.  They have no fear! :) 

Grandma and Lindey went for a little hike of their own and had a chat. :)

It looks like she is talking Grandma's ear off!

Ian and his friend Kollin (who stowed away with us).  We didn't see them much as they were exploring the surrounding hills.

The kids found another lizard on the hill behind the geyser.  They were trying to catch it, but were not so lucky.  Mom was SOOO okay with that! Lol

This picture of all the kids at different heights on the hill turned out pretty cool.

Lindey and I went on a little walk together.  When she stopped to smell the flowers I couldn't resist snapping a picture!  Love how her lips are all smooshed up as she is sniffing. I love this little girl!

Zander looking for the perfect rock to throw.

Morgan and Grandpa heading back from the River.
Micah throwing rocks in the water.  He had just run and run while we were there. 

We had such a good time at the Geyser.  Love it when we can get out and enjoy our surroundings.

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