Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Birthday Golf

We were not able to go golfing with John's parents on my birthday this year, so we decided to go the day before.  This has become a fun tradition!
Lindey was having fun pretending to drive the  golf cart.
She is such a cutie! :)

The boys had a fun time trying to tee off.  They could hit the ball farther than I could!  Guess that comes from Grandma and Grandpa taking them golfing on a regular basis and I only go this one time a year! :)
Micah taking a swing.

John and his dad in pursuit of their golf balls.

Eli taking Grandma for a spin.

Zander found a pretty cool golf ball!

Micah perfecting his swing.

Grandma and Lindey.

Micah wanted to take a close up.

Silly boy!

Zander found a spot to fit on the golf cart. He even strapped himself in.


Micah was itching to drive the cart.

I love his expressions!

Eli tried what Zander had.  Great thinking boys, but too bad it wasn't safe. 

Selfie! :)  We had so much fun.

John preparing to let it soar!

Zander is becoming quite the golf pro.  He was giving Eli pointers on how to best putt his ball.

Lindey got to help daddy drive.

It took 3 golf carts to get us around the 9 holes. We had a great time!

Thanks Mom and Dad for suggesting this.  We always have fun.  It's become a great tradition! Next stop: Chow Hound! Yummmm!

June 2, 2015

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