Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lindey's 3rd Birthday

For Lindey's birthday we had a Frozen party. These are the cute invites that we gave out to some of our friend's families that helped with Lindey when she was born and I was so sick.  We love being able to share Lindey's special day with them every year!

I took some pictures of Lindey in her birthday outfit that Daddy bought for her.  She was in love with it! 

We decided that since there were going to be so many people at her party that we would take the easy road with the cake and just make cupcakes.  She helped me decorate them.  We had fun!

Morgan is such a good big sister.  She was giving Lindey and her friends wagon rides while everyone was showing up.
The BBQ for dinner was yummy!  
We did a little lemonade drink center.  We had peaches, strawberries, lemons, and ice to flavor your lemonade. It was a hit!  Mason jars for the adults and plastic cups and lids for the kids. Everyone loved this. :)
Lindey loved opening presents!  I love how expressive her face is!
 What girl doesn't need some cute new clothes?
Lindey opened Frozen so we could watch it.
She has been wanting to see it forever! 
Morgan made Lindey a cute Peppa Pig card to go on her gift.
She bought her a little doll and made her the Peppa Bag at Activity Days.  She loves her little sister and is always so thoughtful!
Grandma Hughes asked Lindey what she wanted for her birthday and she answered, "A new baby doll, cause if I had just one more, it would be perfect!" So, Grandma delivered. :)  Lindey was a happy mommy!  Grandma also got her a couple of  Hello Kitty shirts.  She loves Hello Kitty!
Grandma and Grandpa Millett sent Lindey money so she could buy a new bike-Yea! She loved getting all the dollars in her card. :)

Opening Great Grandma Millett's card...Dad is prepared to catch the confetti! LOL
Eli was having a ball at Lindey's party.  He was so giggly when she opened his present! He was so excited for her to open it and was laughing as he was telling her what each thing was.
Eli made Lindey a drawing of every person in the family.  He even turned them into stickers for her!
The first thing this little mama wanted was her baby out of the box.  All the girls were so happy that Lindey let them have a turn feeding the new baby doll.

Make a wish!
Since we watched "Frozen", I made popcorn for the movie.  We had butter and Cinnabon Caramel Corn in cute little treat boxes.
Lindey and her friend, Brailie. :)  They have such fun together!
Allie, Treyson, Brailie, and Lindey--our back ally neighbors and friends.
And now, the moment Lindey has been waiting for...

Lindey's 3rd birthday was so much fun!  We sure enjoy having everyone come and celebrate with us.  It was the perfect night to not be frozen while we watched the movie.  Lindey was so happy with her party, which makes this mama happy too. :)  Happy birthday baby girl!  We sure do love you!
April 25th, 2014

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