Tuesday, November 11, 2014


April 20th was Easter Sunday.  The kids always love waking up to see what is in their baskets from the Easter Bunny.

When Ian and Morgan woke up Lindey, they said, "Come on, Lu! The Easter Bunny came!" This did not sit well with her and she almost started crying.  She did NOT want to come see what he brought her. LOL (She's had a rough few days with people in Animal costumes.  First McGruff at the Safety Fair and then the Easter Bunny at the Park for the Community Easter Egg Hunt. They freak her out a bit--the thought of the Easter Bunny in our house really freaked her out! Lol)
Morgan was excited to get a jump rope (she and her friends have been doing this at school during recess recently) and some paint by number pictures.

Ian loved his Bacon flavored sunflower seeds--does the Easter Bunny know him, or what?
Zander got a flying saucer and both he and Ian got little bats and balls to play their made up Ninja game outside.
Once Lindey discovered that the Easter bunny was not still in our house, she warmed right up to her basket.  Who doesn't like candy for breakfast on Easter morning?
Eli got a new car and some bubbles in his basket.

Micah and the girls got some sidewalk chalk to use.  They were all very excited about their gifts. :)
Happy Easter!

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