Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sunday Drive

We often go on Sunday drives just to get everyone out of the house.  John's parents also like to take us around to their favorite spots to see wildlife.  This Sunday (Oct. 27th, 2013) We decided to head up to the monument and check out the new bench we heard was installed there.  There was a group of engineering students from the University of Utah that added benches and other artwork at places around town. This is the bench by the monument.
There were also boxes added along the road from one monument to the other.  They are bigger closer to us in this photo and gradually get smaller as they head toward the other monument.  They go from about waist height down to about 12 inches in height.
Grandma and Micah chilling on the bench.
The kids always enjoy climbing on the monument.  Those blocks are pretty big!

We then went out to Goose Point where we heard they engineering students had also put benches there.
The view at Goose Point.  It is beautiful!
The kids tried to throw rocks into the river from the top of the hill.  I don't think they realized how far away the river really was from them.  It looks like it is at the bottom of the hill, but is quite a bit father out.  I think Ian was the only one who actually hit the water.
Here is a better view of the benches.  They start at four boards wide and go all the way to eight boards wide in the back.  Very interesting! We thought they were cool.
It makes us sad at the lack of disrespect in our community.  Someone has already broken one of the boxes by the monuments, and someone has gone up to Goose Point and tipped over all these benches.  Not cool!  At least we got to enjoy them one Sunday afternoon.

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