Thursday, January 2, 2014

Family Pictures 2013

I wanted family pictures taken before the weather turned cold, and before I had surgery, again.  I wanted the kids updated pictures on the wall in my hospital room, and I didn't know how well I'd be feeling after surgery to take pictures.  I didn't want it to get too cold before we were able to get them done, so I talked to Jenni and worked it out a little earlier than we usually have them done.  She did not disappoint 
this year, either.  She is amazing! Jenni also asked if it would be okay for our friend, Taffee, to come take pictures with her--she is getting into photography and wanted to practice.  I was excited about that!  Since it was kind of short notice, I rummaged through our closets and found outfits that would go together.  I think I finally pulled everything together an hour before we left to take pictures.  Whew! Lol  We went out to Taffee's family's farm.  The light was so great and it was fun to be out in the hay fields. Enjoy!
Love the background of this one.  Isn't it great!

Morgan, age 10.
I had the girls take this picture so I could hang it in their bedroom. :)  Turned out cute!
He had to climb clear up on the haystack for his individual. :)  He's getting so big!
Ian, age 13.
Lindey, age 2.
Love this one tons!

I think this one of Micah is one of my favorites.  Look at those eyes! :) Age 6.
Eli, age 4.
Loved that this little character gave himself bunny ears! Ha!
Zander, age 8.
We were across the road taking pictures and Jenni had put these props down by the side of the road.  When we turned around, Zander was casually sitting there, waiting his turn.  He's so funny!
LOVE this one!! That's so how it is most of the time!

Morgan loves being in on the action--can you tell?

Love these shots of the girls.  Morgan adores her little sister--it shows, right? They are going to go great on the wall in their room!

What a character--did you catch any of his other faces in some of the pictures?
Thanks for preserving so perfectly my family and their personalities right now!  I absolutely love them!  Thanks, Jenni and Taffee! :) Photos taken September 23, 2013.

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  1. That was so much fun to look at those again. What a gorgeous place AND family!! I'm so glad we got to go there! It was super fun taking pics with Taffee and you guys. I just love your family!!


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