Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Guess What I found...

I found our Family Reunion pictures!  Yea!! :)  This is the hike we took at McConkie Ranch.  The donation house was full of post-it notes and business cards of people expressing how cool it was.

 There was a bucket of walking sticks for people to use.  All the kids took them and thought that was pretty cool.

 This is Garrett and Kate--my brother who was in charge of the reunion.

 Grandma and Grandpa with the grandkids.
 Eating lunch at Remember the Maine Park, just up the road from McConkie Ranch.
 This is the Rec. Center where we went swimming.  It's a pretty amazing facility.
 I totally forgot about Grandpa's annual waterfight with the kids!  He had left the Rec center before any of the rest of us, and was ready and waiting when the kids got home.  My kids look forward to this, and started collecting water guns at yard sales and such to use for it. Lol

 Eli totally loves the water fight and has no fear when it comes to Grandpa's super-soaker gun.  He just goes for it!

 Lindey making her craft (snowglobes).
Morgan was good to play on the car map of Vernal with the younger kids.
Picture of 4 of the 5 babies born the same year.  Brooklyn, Lindey, Harley and Keyan--we are missing Silas.

Yea!  So glad I found our pictures. :)

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