Saturday, November 30, 2013

Spring Recital 2013

We had our spring piano/voice recital on May 20, 2013.  It was originally suppose to be held at the Bible Church here in town.  The pastor was out of town, and the people who were suppose to let us into the church were no where to be found.  We had to move it to the Elementary school at the last minute.  Glad we have connections there! :) lol  It turned out great anyways and the students all did a great job!  Ian played, "18th Century Dance".
Zander played, "The Donkey".
Morgan played, "The Rainbow Connection".
The parents helped us set up a row of chairs so the recital could begin.  Thank you for helping to make a crazy time a little bit easier!
I played a duet with Brandy Harker.
Our group of Piano and Voice students. From left to right- Front row: Me, Brandy, Morgan, Zander, Teija, and Mr. Hughes.  2nd Row: Douglas, Conner, Jocelyn, Belle, Ava, and Ashlynn (voice). Back row: Ian, Kollin, Kelsey (voice), and Lindsey.
We ask that everyone brings a plate of goodies to share for after the recital.  We always end up with wonderful treats to eat for refreshments!
Another year of lessons has come to an end. Glad to finish it off with a recital so the students can show what they have learned. 

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