Saturday, November 30, 2013

School Academic Fair

The School Academic Fair was held May 16, 2013. The school sang a few songs for the parents.

After the songs, we were able to go to the different classrooms and see the work of our students. Micah had grown a bean in Kindergarten.
Zander's 2nd grade class drew still life of a flower pot on a chair.
Zander also had a rock collection to show.
Morgan's 4th grade class had their book reports to show.
Morgan also wrote a report on summer and what she looks forward to doing.
4th grade also did County reports with an Out of the Box project John made up.
Morgan's county was Piute.
There were more counties than students, so if they finished before the project was due, they could do another county.  Morgan county was one of the leftover ones that no one did a project on.  Guess which one Morgan wanted to do as a second project?

They also had made a Dodecahedron. (This is another of John's amazing projects he made up.)
And Morgan had to show us the cover of her writing portfolio.
The museum in town was holding an art contest and asked the upper grade students at the elementary school to participate.  Morgan drew a picture of the Book Cliffs...
and made a picture of the Golden Ratio Monument here in town.
They sure have been busy at school!  I loved seeing what they have been working on.  Way to go Book Cliff Elementary Students!

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