Sunday, May 19, 2013

Zander's Birthday Breakfast

John has kept the tradition going all year that for each kid's birthday he makes them shaped pancakes.  Since Zander's birthday was on a school day, and Saturday was his baptism, and Sunday we had church, Zander's birthday breakfast was delayed until Monday the18th, and the kids didn't have school due to President's Day.  
John made Zander's name, 8s and URGR8! (You are great!)  He also did ninja's and hearts. lol
We made Dream Whip, had mini chocolate and cinnamon chips, strawberries, and bananas to top them off with.
This is a favorite of all the kids. Happy, happy happy!
 Morgan's ninja, all decked out with chocolate chip hair and shoes. lol

See--one happy boy!
Ian's ninja with a helmet, or helmet-hair. lol

It sure was a yummy breakfast!  So glad John started this tradition. :)

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