Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013!

Coralie and her family were down for a few days, so we spent New Year's Eve with them, John's parents, and Melinda.  They all came to our house and we ate yummy food, played games and mostly visited.  Zander is our child who is always asleep by 8pm, no matter what is going on.  He just can't seem to stay awake and it's a miracle if he makes it to 10pm.  Earlier in the afternoon, Zander informed me that he set an alarm on his Nintendo DS for midnight so that we couldn't take the annual "Zander's sleeping--here he is in his New Year's hat" photo.  He said that was not going to happen this year.  His plan was that the alarm would go off, and he would wake up and celebrate with us.  That did not happen...he fell asleep like any other night, even though he had cousins here, his alarm went off, which did not wake him up, even though it was by his head.  Poor Zander.  We didn't put the crown on him this year. :) But we still got a picture.
A picture to prove that they were here.  We were a little late on the draw getting the Sparkling Cider poured and ready.  When we turned on the TV to watch the ball drop, the countdown read 45 seconds!  Aaggghhh!  We hurried and gathered everyone and then toasted the new year. lol  Guess we should have been paying better attention to our clock than our card game!
Lindey made it to midnight!  I wasn't really surprised because she took a very late nap--like starting at 4pm late.  She was definantly ready for bed after this.  She wouldn't let us put a hat on her without crying, so we just let her drink her sparkling cider.
Lindey, Morgan and Ian were the only kids who lasted until midnight.  Just enough of us to hold up our fingers with the year!  Happy 2013 everyone!  May it be a good one!

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