Monday, December 31, 2012

Santa Clause Is Coming to Town!

Santa visits the firehouse each Christmas Eve at noon here in Green River.  We decided to take the kids so they could tell Santa in person, since we missed writing letters to him this year.  We always go early because we'd rather wait for him to come, rather than wait in line for everyone else to sit on his lap.  As we were getting out of the car, I stepped on a lake of ice and down I went.  I was holding Lindey and the diaper bag, so I was having a hard time getting back up--lake of ice with no edge in site, people.  I had to yell at John to come back across the street and help me!  Other than being embarrassed, I was fine.  My right leg muscles were pretty sore for a few days.  I must have tried to catch myself on that side, or I landed on that side.  It was one of those--one moment you are upright and the next you are on the ground wondering what just happened. lol  John was snapping pictures with his iPod of Lindey and I. She is loving giving hugs lately and totally gives the best ones.  She's a good squeezer!

 This pic was right after Santa came into the firehouse.  He always comes on a fire truck with the sirens going so the kids inside can hear. :)  Kind of fun!  Santa always sings a song with the kids and tells a story before he lets them sit on his lap.  The kids love it.  The parents--ehhhh, kind of wish he'd just get on with what he came for. lol  I guess it isn't about the parents though. :)
Zander was first on Santa's lap.  He wants a Nintendo DS from Santa.
Micah also asked for a Nintendo DS.
Ian's wish list this year consisted of a Wii, an iPod Touch, a Laptop Computer...none of which he is getting. lol  Keep dreaming big, son!
Morgan wanted a Digital Camera--hot pink of course.
Eli didn't get a chance to tell Santa he wanted an Innotab.  Santa asked him what he wanted, and since Eli hestitaed for a fraction of a second, Santa asked if he wanted toys.  Eli nodded, got his treat and was on his way.  He was a little miffed that Santa answered his own question and, "I didn't get to tell him nuffing!"  Silly kid.
Santa thought having Eli on his lap with Lindey would make her feel a little more comfortable.
He was right.  As soon as she was alone, the crying began. lol
Thanks for stopping Santa! :)

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