Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rocks for Mr. Z

Mr. Z's sister, Shawna, asked us to gather rocks from the places he loved and adventures we went on with Mr. Z.  She wanted to take them with her to put on his grave when the headstone was installed.  On October 16th, we made a trip to the missile base to gather our rocks.

I decided to write on my rock from all of us Hughes', so it wouldn't just be a rock someone could take away from his grave.  I wanted it to have meaning.  It said: Missile Base, Green River, Utah  We miss all our adventures with you Mr. Z!  Love, the Hughes'.  Shawna loved it. :)  I am so glad!
Jason is buried in Sandpoint, Idaho in the Pack River Cemetary. His headstone was installed on October 29th.  We sure do miss that guy!


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