Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Day Before Christmas Vacation

On the last day of school before Christmas break our Elementary school does a school-wide day of activities.  John had me come be a volunteer for his class.  They were good sports and let Eli participate with them.  He thought that was pretty neat!  They played"Over the Mountain" where they had to blow up their balloon and then let it go and see if it could make it over the mountain (aka the bulletin board).
We did a lot of activities with Morgan's class, so that was kind of fun too. This is their "mountain" on the other side of the gym.
They did an "Ice Relay Race" where they had to transport ice from a bin on a metal spoon (so it melts a bit and gets slippery) to a pitcher at the other end of the all.
Morgan and Jocelyn.
My Zander bug.
Each class got to make their teacher into a snowman.  The kids love doing this every year. :)
Morgan helped to decorate Ms. Durrant.  She is the principle and 1/2 day 4th grade teacher. 
Here is Zander with his class and Mrs. Wilske Snowman.
Here is John with his rowdy bunch.
Micah making Mrs. Quist into snowman.
 At the end of the day, John's class gave him a group hug.  Shocking coming from this class (there are only 11 of them, but they are a handful!), but I think they really like him. 
Happy Christmas break everyone! December 20th, 2012


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