Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ian's Bridge

Ian spent HOURS working on this bridge for his tech class in school.  He had to draw up the plans of how he wanted it to look, then he had to build it.  He was one of a few in his class that decided to do a curved top on his bridge.  It took him so long to draw that he didn't have enough time in class to get it built.  He brought it home to work on and he and I spent every free minute he had on it until one o'clock in the morning!  He was so glad to have it finished. (And I was too!)  The next morning he went to get it so he could take it to school and his binder fell over on it and broke it into about 20 pieces!  He was not happy (some tears were spilled over this one).  I took him to school and went to talk to his teacher.  Mr. Crauson told Ian that he could have until the next Thursday to repair his bridge since he would be out of town that Monday-Wednesday.  Ian felt much better after that.  He spent the weekend working on his bridge and reinforcing it.  He would get an A on this project only if his bridge held one of the top weights in the stress test.  He wanted that A.  Mr. Crauson ended up having a change in plans and so Ian was able to test his bridge on Monday.  All his hard work paid off.  His bridge held 80 pounds! Ian told him to stop after that because he wanted to save his bridge.  Ian thought it probally could have held closer to 100 pounds.  He was the top weight in his class and he earned that A.  Great job, bud!  Love you! :)

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