Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Morning

Santa visited our house and brought what the kids desired.  Morgan got her camera--not hot pink, althought the case we gave her is. :)
Ian's Christmas morning was a bit of a disappointment.  He got a keyboard for his Kindle Fire, but it wouldn't work with it, because his Kindle doesn't have bluetooth.  Only the HD ones do.  Sadness, he cried, we promised that he could pick something else out (at a reasonable price) and he decided to give his keyboard to Grandpa for his birthday (It's Dec. 29th).  Win win for everyone, and a crisis was averted. 
Micah was not feeling well Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  He had a bit of a fever and a croupy cough.  We took him to the medical center on the 26th, and he had Croupe.  Made for a not so fun Christmas for him, but his Nintendo DS kept him busy.
Zander also got his Nintendo DS.  They were both in Heaven.
Lindey got her own little Text n Go Toy.  She likes the different sounds it makes when she pushes the buttons.  Hopefully she'll grow into it a little bit--it has games she can play on it.  She is already a techno junkie at her age. lol
Eli got his Innotab 2.  He was loving it. :)
Lindey was enjoying watching him more than playing with her own toy.

John and I have a whiteboard frame in our bedroom where we write notes to eachother.  Morgan is always trying to write notes to us too, so I decided to make her her own little frame that we can leave notes for her in her room.  She loved it!

This was her favorite shirt she got...her comment on it..."Pink glitter really does make me smile!" lol
I love that we can still surprise Ian with gifts, and that he is still so animated. :)  Hopefully that will never change. :)
My mom was wondering how Lindey like the gifts they gave her.  Here is her red Monkey. :)  See that smile, Grandma??
And she hugged her monkey blanket when she pulled it out of the box.  I think she liked your gifts! :)  Good job Grandma and Grandpa!
John and I decided to buy the kids a Wii this year.  We knew that once the kids opened it, nothing else would matter.  We decided to hold off on giving it to them until after Christmas dinner, then we would sneak those packages under the tree and tell the kids we forgot a few gifts.  It was almost 5:00pm before we remembered we were going to do that.  I so wish I would have had my camera for the reaction of the kids.  It was priceless!  We let Ian open the actual Wii, since that was on his Wish list.  He tore off the paper and said, "it's a Wii--IT"S A WII!!"  They were so surprised.  It was great.  It also made Christmas really fun this year.  We had a wonderful one, and
we hope all of you had a very merry Christmas as well! :)

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