Sunday, November 11, 2012

Scrapbook USA

My Mom and I met up to go to Scrapbook USA.  We were the only two that wanted/could go this time.  I'm so glad it worked out that way--we had so much fun!  I can't remember the last time my mom and I did something just us.  I had Lindey with me, and she was so good the whole time!  I was a little worried about that because she is at the age where she is into everything and little miss independant.  We had a blast!
My drive through the canyon was georgous!  The leaves were so vibrant--the picture does not do them justice.
This was Lindey on the ride up.  She slept most of the way there.  It was great for the drive, but I was worried that she wouldn't nap once we got to the expo. 

We started by meeting at Aunt Roberta's house where we visited with her for a little while.  Then Mom jumped in the car with me and we were off.  We had a couple of stops to make before we went to the expo.  We stopped at the Wood Connection--they have a new store in American Fork.  I was so glad we didn't have to go to the regular store in Murray, which was past the expo in Sandy.  It worked out well.  Then we stopped at Joanne's.  Which is always fun.  We made it to the expo around noon, and spent the afternoon shopping, and visiting, and catching up with old friends.  It's so nice that I can see my friends from when we lived in Pleasant Grove and Orem. They go every time to the expo like I try to do. :)  It was great to see Kelly and her sisters and mom. :)  Lindey decided she was tired while we were at the expo and took a four hour nap in her stroller!  It was so nice.  When she woke up she was so happy!  I was glad she was so well behaved for us.
I wanted to have Kelly take a picture of my mom and I so I would have one of us at the expo together, but I forgot!  We were having so much fun that it slipped my mind. :( Guess that means we'll just have to go again! lol
After we finished at the expo, we went back to Orem to Aunt Roberta and Uncle Keith's house.  My dad had been gone on business and stopped to spend the night there too on his way home.  It was fun to get to see him too. 
The next morning we decided to do a bit more shopping and went to Hobby Lobby with Aunt Roberta.  We also stopped at Michaels.  Then we headed to Sam's Club so we could get some little paper bags for an owl craft project we saw.  After Sam's it was time to head home.  I gave my mom a big hug and told her I loved her.  It was such a fun weekend!  We will definantly have to do it again!  Thanks for meeting me mom!  Now we just need to do all the fun craft projects we purchased.  When do you want to skype, Mom?  :) :)

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