Thursday, October 11, 2012

Melon Days 2012

Another Melon Days came and went!  I spent the weeks leading up to Melon Days getting my crafts finished for my booth. I really liked how all the wood sets turned out this year.  I didn't want to post too many pictures, so here is a sampling of my favorites.

Thursday night, September 13th, in addition to the town dinner at the park, they did a mini parade where kids could make a float, decorate a bike, etc.  Zander decided he wanted to participate.  He decorated his bike, and we made it just in time for the parade.
He said he had to have candy to throw from his bike.  That's the best part of any parade!
Zander earned himself a ribbon.  He was so proud of it!
Friday, September 14th was spent setting up my booth and selling my crafts.  I did pretty good this year.  I almost sold out of all my wood sets!  I made the mistake of holding some sets for a lady who needed to "run home and get her checkbook".  She never came back, and I probally would have sold the sets had I not held them.  Learned my lesson there.  No more of that! 
The kids were pretty independant this year.  Our booth was fairly close to the bounce houses, and so we didn't have to worry about them too much.  Lindey spent a lot of her time in the playpen and was a really good sport about it.  Eli stayed close as well.  He did venture out with the older kids a few times and got his fill of the bounce houses too.
  Ian had to be at the park at 6am on Saturday, September 15th for the scout breakfast.  He was not excited about that, but he did it. :) The parade starts at 10:00am.  John elected to stay at the booth and I went to the parade with the kiddos.  (Melinda was a huge help--thanks!)  Aunt Paula spoiled Lindey with a cute little tutu.  She loved it!
My other daughters, Morgan and Talynn, aka "the ladies". :)

Here is everyone set up and waiting for the parade.  Suzy and Wayne came over for the day.  The little boys were excited to be with their cousins.
The world's biggest watermelon slice makes it's annual appearance in the parade.
 Ian was asked by Officer Huntington to be on the NOVA (it used to be DARE) float.  When they came by our family, Ian loaded up his shirt and brought the kids a whole ton of candy!  After he finished the parade on the NOVA float, he walked back to the beginning of the parade route and hopped on the Ace Hardware float with Aunt Shish and Uncle Tom.  The kids got another load of candy when he went by again. lol  Thanks, buddy!
Betty Smith is our oldest resident. :)  She's a cute little lady.

Had to post this cool car for Jordan.  There were a bunch of them in the parade this year.  It was kind of fun!
We had a sucessful Melon Days with my booth and a lot of fun with cousins and friends, but I can't say I'm sad it's over.  Now to get on the ball and get busy doing next year's crafts!  I have so many ideas/things I want to do--where to start...

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