Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A visit from my little brother

Labor Day weekend, my little brother and his girlfriend, Kayla, came to visit. :)We had lunch together on the first of September, then they took off and went to visit their friend in Moab.  They came back the next afternoon and we hung out and visited.  They spent the night before heading back to Vernal.  I told Jordan that we had to get a picture so I could prove that they were here. lol 

I think my favorite part of them being here was listening to them as they looked through my scrapbooks--I forget he was only 5 when we got married!  Jordan didn't realize that I was in marching band in college and that I played the bass drum in the drum line. :)  He didn't know that we had such talented uncles--Uncle David made our wedding cake, and Uncle Rodney crosstiched a picture of the Vernal temple where we were married for us.  It was just fun to listen to him and to tell him a little about myself.  Being one of the oldest I was out of the house before he remembers much. :)  He got to show off what he is currently interested in--his car!  He has a cool little subaru that is too loud for my tastes (guess that makes me old! lol) but it was a pretty sweet ride.
Thanks for the visit.  It was great to have you both here! Come back soon, you guys! :) 

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